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How Employers Handle a Remote Workforce

Remote employee on laptop at homeIn a June 2022 study by Gallup.com, 8 in 10 employees are working hybrid or entirely remote, while only 2 in 10 are entirely on-site. 

In a recent interview with the Michigan Business Network, labor & employment law attorney Cliff Hammond answers questions for employers related to the growing trend of a remote workforce including:

  • If an employee approaches their employer and requests to work remotely, is the employer obligated to allow them to?
  • How can employers stay compliant when hiring remote employees?
  • Are employers able to discipline remote workers?
  • Are remote workers covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act?
  • Should employers and HR teams add anything in their employee handbooks to accommodate remote workers?

See the full interview at michiganbusinessnetwork.com.

Categories: Employment, Labor Relations, Liability

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