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Benefits and Legal Risks of Using Generative AI in Hiring Offers

AI Picking Out CandidateFoster Swift attorneys Tony Dalimonte and Michael Cassar recently teamed-up for a presentation on the potential legal risks related to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the recruiting and hiring process.  

The information session, which is summarized below, is part of the firm’s Second Wednesday series of monthly presentations on relevant business and legal topics. Read More ›

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Smile, You’re On Camera: Best Practices for Workplace Video Surveillance in Michigan

Preventing theft, avoiding frivolous lawsuits, increasing productivity, and improving workplace safety: these are all important objectives that employers in Michigan hope to achieve through monitoring their workers and work environments often with video surveillance. While video surveillance can be an important asset for an employer, it can also lead to liability if your surveillance program runs afoul of the law. Read More ›

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