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About This Blog

Welcome to the Foster Swift Michigan Labor & Employment Law Blog!

Foster Swift's employment attorneys thrive on helping private and public sector employers adhere to the myriad of employment laws and regulations. This blog intends to keep employers up-to-date on the latest changes to Michigan's laws and regulations.

The Michigan Labor & Employment Law blog focuses on topics affecting employers. Topics include employment policies, contracts, hiring, recruitment, firing, overtime, wage and hour issues, preventative planning, non-competes, collective bargaining, NLRA updates, OSHA and MIOSHA, union avoidance, right to work, labor negotiations, discrimination charges and employee handbooks.

Do you have a topic you would like addressed in the Michigan Labor & Employment Law blog? Email Mike Blum at mblum@fosterswift.com, Karl Butterer at kbutterer@fosterswift.com or Cliff Hammond at chammond@fosterswift.com