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UAW Rips Off Employees Twice in Chrysler Fiasco

In a stunning development, reported Thursday by the Detroit Newspapers including Crain's Detroit, a former Chrysler labor negotiator was in collusion with several high executives of UAW and has pocketed more than $1.2 million worth of money and goods that was supposed to have been used for UAW employee training purposes.

Money was spent on such things as $37,000 gold plated Mont Blanc pens, Maserati's and mortgage payoffs while the UAW employees received nothing. This case will obviously proceed for a long time in court as it is a criminal violation brought by the US Attorney here in Detroit.

The double whammy comes from the fact that not only did the UAW employees not get what they were entitled to get pursuant to the UAW/Chrysler negotiations, now UAW will have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or more defending itself in a situation where its reputation will take a serious hit.

The big loser here is the UAW and even more so the UAW members.

Categories: Labor Relations, Lawsuit

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