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NLRB Makes it Illegal to Ban Personal Business on Company Time!

In a stunning new decision last week by the National Labor Relations Board the anti-business agenda on the current Obama dominated National Labor Relations Board has turned the business model of employers and employees on its head. According to a case called Casino Pauma, it is unlawful for an employer in its employee handbook to have a rule that prohibits employees from conducting "personal business" on company property and "while at work." Does this make any sense? Are employees supposed to be paid by the employer for doing their own business instead of the employer's business?

Apparently according to the NLRB, employees have a right to take a paycheck from their employer and conduct their own personal business after the Casino Pauma case.

We urge all employers to take a look at their current handbook and make sure such anti-personal business rules are updated or revised to comply with current law. 

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